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A Little Progress

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Today it finally felt as if progress was being made on several fronts. The final short list of short stories for the anthology I’m editing has now been made and the lucky authors notified, I’ve managed to get some work on Twisted Sister done, and I’ve even managed to spend some time working on the new cover image for Chasing Azrael.

There will be eight short stories in total making up All The Night-Tide, a Gothic/Steampunk fusion, for which the theme was the poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Twisted Sister is now sitting pretty at 2,720 words, while I have a much more solid idea of how I’m going to be structuring the narrative, something which was until this point worrying me slightly as it is somewhat less than linear.

I’m also pleased with the progress made on the cover art for Chasing Azrael (sneaky peak to follow). I had commissioned a cover last year, however plans changed and the image we’re now looking to achieve for the series as a whole is somewhat different. Also, if I’m honest, I’ve found more confidence in my own art work over the last year, and now feel able to put a piece of my own on the front of it, whereas two years ago that was not the case at all.

NaNoWriMo Stats

I’m still not happy with my NaNoWriMo progress, as I’ve not spent as much time on it as I should have over the weekend, however I’m stuck at home all day tomorrow awaiting (with breath that I assure you has been baited for weeks now) the arrival of my fancy new computer. It can’t come soon enough, this laptop is incapable of doing anything!

So, it’s 11pm and I’m finally signing off after a (very) long day. Goodnight all!

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