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The Power of the Monkey

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I used to get really annoyed with Hugo for stealing all of Dexter’s toys. He destroys EVERYTHING aside from industrial strength Kong toys. This is because Hugo is, essentially, a BEAR, while my little Dexter is, at best, a FOX. The upshot of all of this is that the only toys we have in the house now (bar a monkey, but I’ll get to him in a minute) are Hugo’s Kong toys.

This displeases me.

I want my Dexter to be able to play.

There’s one thing I forgot, and it really is key to life.

Foxes are cunning.


Last time Dex was at the vets I bought him a new toy. I always do this when he’s been to the vets, despite the fact he never manages to hold onto them and as soon as Hugo gets hold they’re destroyed. I care not for that however, I won’t have my baby go to the vets without getting a toy. Last time, it was a monkey (see, I told you we’d be getting back to it), which for reasons unknown, Hugo has STILL after SIX MONTHS never taken from Dexter. I’m not sure if he just doesn’t like it, or if Dex finally got pissed off with losing his toys, but either way, Dexter has kept the monkey in his bed under my desk for the last six months. Nobody is permitted under the desk, not even me. He will suffer me to go under there and fuss with the computer occasionally if need be, but only if I provide biscuits and lots of fuss first. If Hugo or anyone else venture under there, all hell breaks lose. So, safe in the cocoon of ‘under the desk’, the monkey has survived for six months unscathed. I have to say, however, I was still disappointed, for while the monkey wasn’t dead, he wasn’t being played with either. He just sat there. Even if Hugo was out, and I attempted to get Dexter to play with him, he’d just go a little bit crazy, snatch him back off my, and run him right back under that desk.


You may at this point be thinking Dexter just doesn’t like toys, but you’re wrong. He loves them. He used to play with them all the time, before Hugo came along.

Imagine then, my surprise and delight, that Dexter has recently taken to awakening suddenly from his slumbers, picking up his monkey, trotting out onto the landing and have a good, mad, growls, barks, throws the monkey around, pounces on him to death show down, before picking him up, and calmly returning him to his bed.

Meanwhile Hugo scarpers the second he sees the monkey.

Yes folks, my dog has TRAINED Hugo with the power of a monkey and six months of patience and stubbornness, to understand that THE MONKEY IS HIS, AND WHEREVER THE MONKEY IS YOU’D BETTER NOT BE!

My dog is a genius.

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