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Scene Daily: Thank the Gods for Scrivener

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Today I have but one thing to say: thank the gods for Scrivener.

As my scene daily challenge continues in the wake of finishing me novella, I find myself extremely thankful for one piece of software, without which┬áI believe I would go quite mad: Scrivener. After writing or editing a scene a day for over a month I finally felt ready to return to my current real WIP today, Death Becomes Me. Book two of my Deathly Insanity series has proven to be the bane of my existence over the last year and a half. I’ve made little progress with it and have had little enthusiasm for it.

Today, however, I found myself approaching the problem with renewed vigour. I decided that since I’ve been writing a scene a day, sorting out each and every scene in the novel would be a good place to start. Now, I’m a definite planner. I dislike pantsing my way through a novel – although I must admit, my characters and plot do tend to wander off in directions I wasn’t expecting and hadn’t planned. I already have a fairly detailed outline of Death Becomes Me and the major events, but I did not have a scene by scene breakdown of it, at least, not all of it. What I did have was the beginnings of a Scrivener document which contained those bits and scraps and (very occasionally) full scenes I had written, as well as some outlines for other scenes. It was by now means the full novel.

I’ve just spent the last four hours laboriously outlining each and every scene needed, and all I can say is, thank the gods for Scrivener. What I would do without the ability to easily move things around as I (continually) change my mind I do not know. How I would cope without the cork board, with its file cards and neat little synopses, is beyond me. How I ever managed to write a novel in Microsoft Word is an utter mystery to me!

My outline is still not finished. I also use Aeon Timeline to help me nail everything down, so I’m currently using both in tandem to try and get everything fully outlined.

I’m hoping this is because I’m super organised and efficient, and it will lead to a much better novel, which I find far less stressful to write, and not because I’m procrastinating.

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