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30 Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Over the last month I’ve been taking part in The 30 Day Blogging Challenge. This is a truly fabulous challenge, which gives you the opportunity to meet loads of new bloggers, gain massive amounts of new traffic, and flex those blogging muscles as you write 30 blog posts in 30 days!

Today I am finally at the end, and I stand victorious! Here is the round up from the last month, and 30 blog posts you really shouldn’t miss!

Writing TargetsBlog #1: 5 Lessons Learnt in 5 Years of Self-Publishing

Blog #2: Writing Targets: Practice Makes Perfect

Blog #3: The Myth of Writer’s Block

Blog #4: The Content Monster

Blog #5:  Awesome Tools for Authors

Blog #6: Anxiously Awaiting Serenity

Blog #7: On Hatred and Self-Harm

Blog #8: Grief is a Beast

Blog #9: Knock, Knock

Blog #10: Lamenting Relationships

Blog #11: How to Use Tracked Changes in Microsoft Word

Blog #12: 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Blog Posts

Blog # 13: When Nothing We Do Matters, All That Matters Is What We Do

Blog #14: Faith Manages

Blog #15: 100 Things To Do In 2015

Blog #16: The Smooth Way to Health and Happiness (AKA #72: Buy A Blender)

Blog #17: My Doppelganger and Me

Blog #18: Writer’s Round Up: Chuck Wendig

Blog #19: The Heroes of Bosley

Blog #20: The Succubus In Me: Hypersexuality, Mania and Bipolar Disorder

Blog #21: The Ugly Duckling: Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Me

Blog #22: The Frying Pan Factor (aka Catastrophising)

Blog #23: #18: The Buddha Statue

Blog #24: The Bipolar Diet, Week 1

Blog #25: #75: Voodoo Vixen and The Green Cats

Blog #26: The Hippo and the Hare

Blog # 27: Roadkill

Blog #28: #31: Dye My Hair Blonde

Blog #29: The Sandman Cometh: Sleep and Depression

Blog #30: We’re All Mad Here

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  1. Wow, congrats! There are definitely some posts I want read here. I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed. :)

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