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The day has finally come when I can reveal, for the first time, the GORGEOUS cover of my brand new novella, Bleizgeist.

You’ve been hearing about it for months. You were there for the late nights, the sleepless nights, the endless nights. You stuck around through the editing, the distractions, the other things that always demanded my attention and kept delaying the arrival of this book that I am so proud of.

Your patience is about to be rewarded.

Please allow me to introduce you to Marishka Danning, in all her splendid glory.

Bleizgeist, Artwork by Nathan Park

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with this cover, lovingly painted for me by fabulous Fantasy artist Nathan Park. He’s given me exactly what I wanted, and captured both Marishka and the essence of the novella perfectly. Seeing the character brought to life so beautifully is a real treat for me and I’m DELIGHTED to share her with you!

There’s not long to wait now! Bleizgeist will be unleashed on the world on December 15th, in paperback and eBook formats, available through this very website, and all good online retailers. If you want to take part in the release party, you can sign up for the Book Blitz very soon, and details will be emailed to you to share on your blogs, websites, or social media! I will post the link to the sign up as soon as it’s available.

Are you excited?

I’m excited!

Ingary is a harsh land. Cursed by a perpetual winter, the isolated little town has all but forget why they worship the wolf.

Marked by magic she cannot control, Marishka is an outcast. Alone and starving she is plagued by geiste, the unconscious minds of the people of Ingary, roaming the wilderness as they sleep. Attracted to the gramarye in Marishka’s blood, the geiste give her no rest. Losing herself to madness, she is saved when she chances to fall in love. But when her affair is discovered, all hope is taken from her.

Beaten and lovelorn, she resigns herself to death.

And then the wolf walks through her door, and Marishka recalls the meaning of Bleizgeist—the spirit of the wolf.

Bleizgeist by Hazel Butler

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