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Win a FREE Copy of Chasing Azrael For Christmas!

Saturday 5th December is Small Business Saturday.

What does this mean? Across the UK people are celebrating small businesses and encouraging people to #ShopSmall on #SmallBizSat.

In celebration of this fabulous day, small businesses everywhere, and the forthcoming release of my BRAND NEW COVER for Chasing Azrael, I am running a rather insane giveaway.

Very soon the current cover of Chasing Azrael will be obsolete. For that matter, the first (extremely short-lived cover) is already obsolete. I have 12 copies of the novel lying around unattended waiting to be sold. I decided to do something a bit different with them, however, and use them as prizes in a MEGA Giveaway for Aädenian Ink, my publishing house. Big things are coming for AI next year. Change is afoot, and I felt 2015 needed rounding off in style.

What better way than to reward all you lovely people with free stuff?

So, what’s up for grabs? Aside from a chance to win a free copy of Chasing Azrael there are also FOUR copies of Encante, key chains, numerous art prints, TWO first editions of Out of the Dark, and TWELVE first editions of All the Night-Tide. There are LOADS of ways you can enter this giveaway, so remember to come back every day between now and the 23rd December, as there are several options you can do each day to earn extra points and really MAXIMISE your chances of winning a free copy of Chasing Azrael, or any of the other fabulous prizes. Just use the Rafflecopter box below and be sure to use up all your options!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want To See The Prizes?

All the art prints are of my own work, and include the following digital paintings:

All the Night-Tide by Hazel Butler
TWO copies of ‘All the Night-Tide’, 10×7″ Giclee Fine Art Prints (One is Signed By Me!)
Steamed by Hazel Butler
FOUR copies of ‘Steamed’, 10×10″ Giclee Fine Art Prints
My Deadly Lolita
ONE copy of ‘My Deadly Lolita’ – 8×6.5″ Giclee Fine Art Print
Serenity by Hazel Butler
ONE copy of ‘Serentity’ 14×4.4″ Giclee Fine Art Print
Strength of an Angel by Hazel Butler
ONE copy of ‘Strength of an Angel’ 14×4.4″ Giclee Fine Art Print

Books available include the following:

Chasing Azrael by Hazel Butler - WIN A FREE COPY OF CHASING AZRAEL
Free Copy of Chasing Azrael x12 – Two Cover Versions Available (Original and Current)
All the Night-Tide
TWELVE copies of All the Night-Tide (Please note, these are First Editions that were printed but NEVER SOLD – nobody has seen this version of the book before! It contains original illustrations. The version that was published was updated with illustrations by Danil Schunkov, a slightly different cover, and had a thorough proofread as there were errors that were missed in the first proofread.)
Out of the Dark and Encante WIN A FREE COPY OF CHASING AZRAEL
2 Paperback Copies of Encante.
2 Hardback Copies of Out of the Dark (Please note, these are original first editions, and due to a technical glitch during printing they are only 72DPI resolution, and printed on a mid-range paper. The current version is 300DPI throughout and printed on the highest quality paper.)
Art Prints by Hazel Butler
Art Prints
10 of these SUPER CUTE Chasing Azrael Key Chains, including beads, charms, and the current cover for the novel.
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