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Scene Daily: Firebrands and Fickle Females – Introducing Evelyn Dempsey

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BleizgeistAll has been quiet on the blog front for some time now. Last year ended in a flurry of publications, including my new novella, Bleizgeist, my first non-fiction title, The Uber Author Planner, the first publication under my Astrid Press imprint, Mortis Comoedia, and two additional titles I had been working on for clients. In addition to this I had the photo shoot for Chasing Azrael‘s new cover at the end of November.

Chasing Azrael by Hazel Butler Urban Fantasy Fantasy PhotographyDecember was spent manically trying to catch up on all the work that piled up during this busy season of publication and, at the very last minute, packing and moving house.

I am now firmly ensconced in my new house, a gorgeous little two bed terrace which serves Dexter and I admirably. The second bedroom is slowly transforming into the office I’ve always wanted (a far cry from the shoe box of a spare room I’ve been operating out of at mum’s house for the last four years). We have a wonderfully sized lounge with plenty of space for my brand new TV, on my brand new TV stand, along with my chaise longue (the only piece of furniture to survive the fire) and a sofa and chair I scavenged from my Pop. Add to this the piano and music cabinet (inherited from my great aunt), china cabinet (inherited from my Nanny), writing desk (also scavanged from Pop and soon to be renovated), my extensive DVD collection, and all non-work books (of which there are hundreds). Add to this a huge and comfy bedroom, and rather fabulous kitchen, and a bathroom with a humongous bath, and we’re very happy campers.

You may or may not recall I was prevented from taking part in NaNo last November due to the aforementioned publishing and work commitments. I compensated for this in January, by giving myself a month off other work to get the house sorted out, and work on Death Becomes Me.

The results have rather put my writing challenge to shame, as I have not been writing a scene daily so much as several chapters daily, and it has really paid off. Although I don’t yet have a complete draft (22 chapters remaining), I finally feel like I have a handle on this beast of a novel.

It was always going to be epic. The story is complex, and spans a decade in the life of the main character. Prior to this last month, I already knew her extremely well, but I do feel, as I’ve nailed down each and every inch of her character, and really worked my way through every tiny detail of her life, that I’ve got to know her even better.

As such, I thought it was about time I introduced you properly, to Evelyn Dempsey.

Gingerface Model - Photographer Anjelica Hyde
Model: Gingerface Model
Photographer: Anjelica Hyde

She has been mentioned before, in passing and in detail. Now that the dust has settled after the reveal of Chasing Azrael‘s new cover, I am delighted to announce a few more details about the next novel, its main character, and the model who shall be gracing its cover. I am delighted to confirm that the fabulous and utterly stunning Gingerface Model (aka Emily Targett) will be taking on the mantel of Evelyn for the duration of the Deathly Insanity series and all related photo shoots. I was gutted last year when scheduling conflicts meant Emily was unable to take part in the first shoot for my Eldritch Rubies photo series. I had originally cast her in the role of Andee, main character of Chasing Azrael. When it became impossible for her to do the first of these shoots due to other work commitments we were both very disappointed, however it has all worked out splendidly.

Mua- Anna Fullbrook - Makeup Artist Designer- Maria LeFaye Couture Assistant-Helena Krausson Studio- Medusa's Garden Studio
Mua- Anna Fullbrook – Makeup Artist
Designer- Maria LeFaye Couture
Assistant-Helena Krausson
Studio- Medusa’s Garden Studio

The beautiful Miss Storm stepped in at the last minute to take over Andee’s role, and she did a fabulous job. In hindsight, she is far better suited to the character of Andee than Emily is, while Emily is the perfect model to play Evelyn – not least because she’s a natural red head and a bit of a firebrand, just like Evelyn. I can’t wait to start shooting with her, and will bring you updates and behind the scenes sneaky peaks at the shoots as preparations get underway. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the wallpapers I put together to keep me focused on the main aspects of Evelyn’s character while I write…
Gingerface ModelGingerface Model

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