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Book Review: The Divide by E.J. Mellow

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The Dreamer by E J Mellow The DivideThe Divide came to me as an ARC before I’d read book one in the series. Due to my general dislike of reading things out of order I went back and read book one, The Dreamer, first. I will review that properly when I have chance, but for now suffice to say if you’re coming to the series fresh READ BOOK ONE FIRST! It’s an excellent book, and you won’t regret it! And if I may make a statement about both books together I love, love, LOVE the covers! They’re just GORGEOUS!

Right, now for The Divide. I’m giving it a solid four out of five, and it would have been a five out of five were it not for the gut-wrenching cliff hanger ending. I understand the need to compel people to keep reading the series, but in my opinion the quality of the first two books is more than enough to do that – there was no need to leave us hanging so precariously! I really hate cliff hangers. I like books to have a completeness to them, to reach some kind of conclusion, even if it’s only a conclusion to this part of the story, leaving more to be explored.

I felt that was lacking in both books, as the are not written as single novels that form a greater whole, but more like one very long novel that still hasn’t finished yet, and was split in three.

That said, this is my only gripe. And believe me, considering this is New Adult (which in my opinion is far too much like YA for me to like it often) that is HIGH PRAISE INDEED. I spent considerable time trying to put my finger on exactly what it was I love about these books. They are well written, but that wasn’t it, lots of books are well written. The world building is exquisite, and I was delighted to find so much time in The Divide dedicated to further exploration of Terra, the eponymous Dreamland. But even this, was not the reason I love these books so much.

I finally realised it was the sizzling chemistry between the characters, something I often find lacking, even in good books.

The Divide has chemistry on steroids.

Molly and Dev are just…well I won’t spoil anything, lets just say I’ve got a bit of a book crush going on here, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which of the pair it’s for – both, seems most likely! Although there is the expected love triangle to deal with, I didn’t find it at all tiresome. Jared is Molly’s boyfriend. Dev is Molly’s dream guy (literally). It’s cerebral enough to almost not count as cheating (which is the issue I usually have with love triangles), and the chemistry between all concerned is so electric I really don’t think I’d care even if they all inhabited the same astral plane.

Highly recommended and I can’t wait for book three!

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The Divine by E J MellowThe Divide by E.J. Mellow 
(Dreamland #2) 
Publication date: October 15th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult


Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.

With the help of Dev, the roguish blue-eyed man of her dreams—whose dark past resurfaces to haunt him—Molly prepares to test the limits of her newly awakened powers and set right a world on the edge of being consumed by nightmares.

But when an unknown shadow stalks her every step and a shocking revelation about her ancestry comes to light, Molly may find herself forced to make a decision that could leave her alone in the dark and standing on the wrong side of a divide.

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