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4 1/2 Stars and a GLOWING REVIEW from Cover2Cover: ‘ A highly entertaining & gripping read’

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Chasing Azrael gets another glowing review from Cover2Cover, calling the novel ‘an atmospheric page-turner’ and ‘an incredible mix of the paranormal and Russian folklore with a mystery surrounding a series of murders’. You can read the full review here, but I’ve posted the highlights for you below.

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The more we get to see the strange but intense relationship these two [Andee & James] had, and it’s very touching yet at times left me mad that she went through so much grief in the name of love, just because really important information about the truth of James problems that could have helped her, was kept from her by the people who she is closest to. Sad, very sad.

Can’t wait to read it? Chasing Azrael is available in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon, or directly through me here on the website.

Chasing Azrael by Hazel Butler A Mix of Edgar Alan Poe and Fantasy

An engrossing , suspenseful, atmospheric, somewhat dark and spooky tale, with quite a few unpredicitable often shocking twists and reveals, which translates into a highly entertaining and gripping read. I most definitely recommend this to those who like their tales suspenseful mixed with a a bit of spookiness, and their protaganists broken and flawed.

Huge thank you to Cover2Cover for their wonderful review and taking the time to read the book. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

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