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A Peek At My Writing Inspiration Board For Bleizgeist!

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With so much focus on Chasing Azrael this week as the book continues its tour, I thought you might like a bit of a break and enjoy a sneaky peek behind the scenes at Bleizgeist and the writing inspiration board I used.

Keeping yourself motivated while writing can be challenging, and keeping yourself inspired is considerably more difficult. We often have bursts and flashes of inspiration that spark a story, or help us out with a particular scene in a story, but it’s rare for that to last throughout the entire writing process. The longer the book, the more difficult it is to maintain that momentum. Finding dependable sources of writing inspiration isn’t easy, but I have found that one of the best ways is to create a WRITING INSPIRATION BOARD. I look at it whenever I lose my way, or simply have it visible next to the screen I’m typing on, to keep me inspired and focused on what’s really important to the story.

Writing Inspiration Boards

I use Pinterest for my boards, as I am almost always online while writing, and I have three screens on my computer so it’s as easy as anything to type on one while looking at my writing inspiration board on another.

Writing Inspiration Board - Sneaky Peak At My Desk! Hazel Butler Bleizgeist Dark Fantasy Novel

If you don’t fancy Pinterest you can use anything for your board – a print out, a pin board, or just go crazy with the bluetack and stick a load of stuff to the wall above your monitor! It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, just collect together images, quotes, and other VISUAL AIDS that will really give you a boost of writing inspiration while you’re working. I tend to stick to IMAGES rather than words. This may sound counter-productive as the goal is the production of words, but stop and think for a second.

You are trying to ignite your writing inspiration, your inner muse. You’re trying to spark YOUR WORDS, you don’t need your head cluttered up with someone else’s. Images on the other hand can be very powerful. You can use photographs or art work, you can collect pictures that remind you of your characters, specific scenes or themes in the novel, or just STUFF that your characters would be surrounded by. Another way to approach it is to use images that EVOKE THE EMOTIONS/RESPONSES YOU WANT TO INFUSE YOUR WRITING WITH.

Going for a creepy vibe? Fill that board up with creepy images. Lost that loving feeling? Go all mushy. Want something magical? Fill it with fantasy paintings.

The Bleizgeist Board

Take a gander at my board for Bleizgeist and you will begin to see what I mean. My inspiration for this story was really the character of Marishka, my narrator, and her relationship with wolves and magic. Consequently the majority of the images on my writing inspiration board evoke the sense I wanted to convey in her character – that close relationship and magical tie with wolves, and the larger than life wolf (Lynae) who becomes her companion.

I drew on a few things for inspiration for the story but one of the main ones was the Studio Ghiblio film Princess Mononoke by  Hayao Miyazaki, which is one of my favourite anime films. You’ll find a fair few Princess Monoke inspired paintings on there as a result.

I wanted a haunted, fairytale feel, with a dash of passion and eroticism.

Check out the board, and do let me know what you think!

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