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Writing Research: My Shockingly Accurate Tarot Reading!

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It may be my academic background, or it may be my OCD, I’m not sure, but I do tend to research my stories as much as possible – today that meant going for my first proper tarot reading. One of the main characters in Death Becomes Me is named Sookie, and she’s a psychic. Sookie has several abilities but the main one in precognition. She occasionally experiences visions of the future but she also mainly reads tarot and palms. Throughout the book she can be found with a trusty deck of cards muttering to herself.

While I’ve read widely on the subjects of tarot reading and palmistry and own my very own deck of cards, I’m not psychic. Nor am I a tarot reader. Or palm reader. Or clairvoyant.

So, I decided to go speak to someone who WAS and get my tarot read by a professional rather than a friend with a book. I had a tarot reading, as well as some palm reading, and afterward my wonderful tarot reader was kind enough to indulge me in asking a long series of questions (thank you!!!). The whole experience was very enlightening. I got a really good sense of how a professional actually does it, which to me is important while writing Sookie. I want her to feel authentic. In addition, the actual reading itself was most enlightening and, SHOCKINGLY ACCURATE.

At my tarot reading, I was told I have a FIRE HAND.

Fire Hand - My Shockingly Accurate Tarot Reading and Palm Reading

Why is everything always about fire with me?

I was familiar with the elemental hands, but couldn’t recall exactly what characteristics a person with a fire hand is purported to possess. So, when I got home, I decided to look it up, and OH.MY.GOD.

I found this description of people with a fire hand and….this is just so dang cool – it perfectly describes my creativity and how it runs, but also vividly (and might I say quite disturbingly) describes a person with bipolar disorder:

The beauty of fire-handed people is they are the ones who conceive brilliant new ideas and convey tremendous fire and passion behind their beliefs… at least, for a little while.

The downside to fire-handed people is that their passions are sometimes short lived, and they can have difficulty following through with the things they begin, such as new projects or inventions. While the idea is burning inside, their passion will possess them and drive them into almost frenzied creative states of manic production… followed by a rapid, and often inexplicable, cooling-off period in which the idea may die if it is not nurtured, or met with a cultivated sense of discipline.

Now, the skeptics out there might be thinking, ‘Oh, come on, he just Googled you before you arrived and saw The Bipolar Bear‘. I will admit, this is entirely possible, however it doesn’t really explain it because…well the fire hand isn’t something you intuit, it’s based on the shape of your hand – the proportions of your palm to your fingers, and the length of your fingers etc.

I’ve checked this out since getting back and by every guide I’ve found and used, I quite definitely have a fire hand. So…no this isn’t someone trying to pull a fast one (the guy I went to was lovely and incredibly genuine, so it never occurred to me this might be the case, but I know some of you guys are skeptics!).

 All in all a great way to spend a day. I’ve got loads of new ideas for Death Becomes Me, I have a much better sense of how tarot reading is done, and I’ve the level of belief I have in paranormal phenomena has ratcheted up yet another notch.

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