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5 Epic Vampire Novels You’ve Never Read But Will Totally Love

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Admit it, you love vampire novels…

The trouble is, in today’s crowded book market, saturated by toothless vampires and soppy romance it’s damn difficult to find a vampel (vampire-novel) that contains any REAL vampires.

You know, the kind that BITE.

To help you find even more vampire novels you will love, I’ve put together a definitive list of EPIC Vampels that remain true to the roots of this classic horror creature, are a fantastic read, and are probably completely new to you.

#1 The Golden, Lucius Shepard

A little-known and sorely under-rated read, The Golden concerns a gloriously Gothic location, Castle Banat, resplendent in the architectural madness of a genius, and total monster. The castle is so elaborate the weather behaves differently in its vicinity. It’s a classic house of horrors, made worse by the fact it houses the vampire clans. And they’re about to perform one of their most sacred rituals: The Golden. Human sacrifice, seriously disturbing vampires and classic Gothic horror – you really can’t ask for more from a vampel!

#2 Bite, Richard Laymon

Fast-paced, horrific action with a wonderful cast of characters genuinely surprising twists. Bite is a rare breed of book, flipping the genre on its head: instead of shoving vampires in your face from the beginning it keeps you guessing – is the vampire real, or a figment of a self-destructive mind?

#3 Queen of Kings, Maria Dahvana Headley

This is a vampel with a historical twist. I’m not normally one for historical fiction as it’s seldom accurate, but in the alternate history, where Cleopatra never died but instead is transformed into a vampire and goes on the battle Roman armies and Egyptian gods, I’m happy to overlook historical errors. The nature of the book is fantastical and different enough that it doesn’t NEED to be accurate, and it comes damn close anyway! A refreshing twist on the vampire myth.

#4 Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Before Dracula there was Carmilla. Before a vampire ever declared, “You are mine” to Sookie Stackhouse, Carmilla was saying it to a young girl named Laura. And long before a sparkly freak named Edward decided to watch Bella sleep, Carmilla was sneaking into Laura’s bedroom… One of the original books with bite this is a classic horror with a real Gothic twist. Mysterious, creepy, with lesbian undertones (and overtures), and decadent language, this is a little book packed with intrigue, moonlight, palatial ruins, dead villages, and of course, blood.

#5 Fledgling, Octavia E. Butler

A rare outing in the vampire genre in that it is a Science Fiction novel, Fledgling is the intriguing tale of a girl who awakes in the wilderness with no memory and decidedly inhuman desires. The ‘child’ narrator is soon revealed to be a 53 year old woman who has lost the memory of most of her life and is now a vampire. Unraveling her past and how she ended up in this predicament makes for an unusual, unique, and extremely good read. Original and very well written.

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