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May is drawing to a close and it’s been an insanely busy month. I’ve been taking stock and reflecting a lot over the last month. The one year anniversary of my Scene Daily challenge passed, leaving me considering all I’ve achieved in the last year through this simple challenge (read all about it here). The inescapable conclusion I reached as a result of this was that when I focus on my writing above everything else, magic invariably follows.

This little revelation has led to a shake up in both my personal and professional life. After a review of my business, The Bookshine Bandit, showed the majority of my business – and certainly my consistent business – was coming from writing rather than editing or proofreading, I realised it was time to refocus. I dearly love The Bookshine Bandit, and will be continuing with it in the background, but I am now working on developing a new business devoted entirely to copywriting. This move just makes sense to me and the place I’m in right now. My first official post as an editor on Sci-Fi Fantasy Network (READ IT HERE!) went out last week, and I will be continuing to bring out a weekly post over there. Between that, my work on The Huffington Post and The Bipolar Bear, and client work, I already spend most of my time writing – I’m just making it official!

The other long-running project I have going on (aside from my fiction) is my PhD thesis.  I’ve been struggling to make any headway finishing this due to illness and the need to spend so much time working. Having seen the incredible progress made by writing a single scene each day, it seemed sensible to do the same for my PhD and spend the time I’ve been using to write each day for my thesis. This is inevitably going to mean scaling back the amount of fiction I write, but hopefully not stopping entirely.

The new business isn’t the only thing that’s going to change. I have a BRAND NEW and totally gorgeous website in the works for The Seemingly Irrelevant, so very soon, you will be reading these posts from a stunning new site! More on that later.

The final change is in the newsletter, which will be switching to a monthly schedule. I’ve been struggling to keep up with a weekly schedule for it on top of all my other work, and to be honest, I don’t think you really need to hear from me every week! So, instead I’ll be sending out a monthly roundup.

Don’t forget my brand new, and totally FREE guide to all things Vampel is now available for download! Grab your copy here…

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