All the Night-Tide

All the Night-Tide

A Collection of Steampunk Short Stories Based on the Poems of Edgar Allan Poe...
A stunning collection of Steampunk-themed stories based on the poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

In this fusion of Gothic and Steampunk, each story comes with the poem that inspired it. From tragic, fatalistic love stories, to wild adventures, misguided scientists, and mad experiments, this volume has a taste of everything.

Gritty, grungy, dark and engaging, it comes beautifully packaged and fully illustrated, with seven stories and six poems, plus an introduction from the editor.

The Perfect Read for Fans of Dark Fantasy and Gothic Fiction

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What The Readers Are Saying

AngelinaAmazon Reviewer
Eerie mix of steampunk and gothic. These stories capture the essence of Poe's poetry while also covering new and fascinating literary territory. Well written and engaging all the way through.