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Welcome to the book reviews blog on The Seemingly Irrelevant. Below you will find her book reviews, organised according to genre, then alphabetically by author, and series (where appropriate). I love to hear what others think of books, and of my reviews, so please do comment on those you read and let me know what you think!


Billy and the CloneasaurusCovers


The Divide EJ Mellows


The Mystery of Mercy Close Review - Book Reviews Blog

 Literary Fiction

Southern Discomfort Rita Mae Brown Book ReviewThe Time Traveller's Wife Review - Book Reviews BlogHer Fearful Symmetry Review - Book Reviews Blog






Paranormal Romance

The Concealed Sarah KleckDaughter of Smoke and Bone Review - Book Reviews BlogThe Butterfly Code Review - Book Reviews Blog







The Year of the Flood Review - Book Reviews BlogWither Review - Book Reviews BlogSea of Glass Review - Book Reviews Blog







The Devil's Playground Review - Book Reviews Blog





Science Fiction

Lex Talionis RSA Garcia


Sharp Objects Review - Book Reviews Blog






Urban Fantasy

Rivers of London Review - Book Reviews BlogMoon Over Soho Review - Book Reviews Blog Whispers Underground Review - Book Reviews BlogBroken Homes Review - Book Reviews BlogFoxglove Summer Review - Book Reviews Blog






If you have any requests for books you would like featured on my book review blog, please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW!

I DO REVIEW SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS! I’m happy to consider self-published books for review. If I am interested in the book and have the time, I will happily review it.

Please see my REVIEW POLICY BELOW for information on what I will and will not review.

NOTE: I currently have a HUGE stack of books waiting to be reviewed. While I am still accepting new review requests, anyone sending me a book for review will need to be patient. I’ll get through them all eventually, I promise, just bear with me!

Review Policy

I am happy to review both mainstream and self-published books. You can make requests for reviews of your own books, AND books by other people. If you want me to review your favourite book/series/author, that’s fine, just let me know who they are and which book(s) you want reviewing – they don’t have to be your own book!

If you are unsure whether I will review your book or not, please check the lists below of what I do and do not review. If your book doesn’t fall into any of the genres listed, and you are unsure, please send a request with a BRIEF synopsis and I will consider it. If your book falls under any of the genres on the DO NOT REVIEW list, please do not send a request anyway. The answer will be no. You have been warned!

If you are requesting that I review one of your own books I will require a review copy, preferably in paperback/hardback format. I also accept review copies in electronic format for KINDLE ONLY! Paperback, hardback and Kindle are the ONLY formats I will accept.

Please DO NOT REQUEST REVIEWS OF UNPUBLISHED BOOKS! If you have a book that is due out soon and have ADVANCED READER COPIES (ARCs) I am happy to accept one of these, provided it is the FINISHED and FINAL copy of the book. If it is still in the editing stages, or is only partially written, sorry, but you’re going to have to wait! If you need help with editing and/or proofreading please go to my freelance business’s site The Bookshine Bandit, which offers a range of services for authors.

I review books in the following genres:

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Horror
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Non-Fiction – Archaeology, History, Writing, and Mental Health related books ONLY!
  • Paranormal Romance – I’m warning you right now, I will review them, but YOU PROBABLY WON’T LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!
  • Post-Apocalyptic/Apocalyptic
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Speculative Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Thrillers
  • Urban Fantasy


  • Chick-Lit
  • Comedy
  • Crime – I will happily review books in other genres that have crime elements, but I do not review straight crime novels as a general rule.
  • Docufiction
  • Erotica
  • Historical Fiction
  • Magic Realism
  • Nautical
  • Non-Fiction – there are some exceptions to this (see above) but generally speaking I don’t review non-fiction.
  • Political
  • Romance – I do occasionally break this rule, but it is of my own accord and not because someone has requested I do so. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO REVIEW ROMANCE NOVELS! Paranormal Romance is okay(ish).
  • Science
  • Science Fiction – Again, I occasionally review these of my own accord, but please don’t request Sci-Fi reviews.
  • Superhero
  • True Crime
  • Western


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