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        Shengde culture is a combination of virtue the world culture of Central Plains and firm and indomitable Wu traditional. In the thousands of years of history in the development process, it carries the idea of the harmonious intergrowth, begetting, positive enterprising, life and growth in nature, with Sheng long lasting down'. Shenghong group twenty years of development, it is a virtue based, to Cheng Li City, to the letter from fame, benefit and win-win road.

       The new predicate Shengde, Cheng Hong Group adhere to the "honesty, pragmatism, innovation, beyond virtue" of the spirit, and constantly challenge themselves, the future, the realization of "the development of enterprises, customer satisfaction, Ezawa employees, benefit the society" mission.
       Rich is a big industry, Cheng Hong Group adhere to the "quality, integrity, win-win" values, the road to sustainable development, create technical elevation industry, to build the core competitiveness internationally oriented, and draw up a "establish the first brand in the industry, grand vision to build a world first-class enterprises".
       Shenghong group to Sheng Decheng big industry, following the fathers to holy Zhi, open eternal wealth, Shengde spirit will "rumors of the millennium, rainbow world!"