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Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Contemporary Gothic Art from Around the World...
Packed with over two hundred stunning images, by 32 artists from around the world, Out of the Dark is a veritable cornucopia of Gothic delight. From traditional medium, to the very latest in digital design, as well as hand-made dolls and photography, there is something for everyone in this spectacular volume of contemporary art. Including a fifteen page feature on favourite Gothic model Maria Amanda Schaub this is the perfect volume for everyone who embraces the beauty of the dark.

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Gothic and Alternative Art

Out of the Dark
Out of the Dark
This is FANTASTIC. It's everything I hoped for and MORE. There's something in here for ANYONE who likes ANY "dark" genre - magic, vampires, the dead, the undead, and more - and it's some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen. I was so impressed I had to buy a second copy for someone else, and she LOVED it. Highest Recommendation!
MicahAmazon Reviewer
Any fantasy/gothic art lovers out there-this book is amazingly beautiful! I never expected anything like this...there are notes from the artist as to what inspired them. And the amount of pictures, for the price, is unbelievable! The colors are surreal and the pictures are even better than I've seen online. If you're a fan of any of the artists they name, you will definitely cherish this book, I didn't count how many pictures (I could come back and edit this review) but they're are a lot! When I opened it, I wasn't planning on looking through the whole book at the time but I stood there in awe, going through each page. This was the first time I saw this book for sale and since it had no reviews, I had to write one. They should definitely stock up on them...I think I got one of the last ones available. If I had more time, I'd upload a video of me skimming through the pages so you all could get a better idea of the kind of art it is.
SummerAmazon Reviewer
Maria Amanda Schaub, Out of the Dark
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