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Lesbian and Bisexual Fiction

In both her personal and professional life, Hazel has an interest in LGBT issues, and has made gender studies the primary focus of her academic work. In her fiction, Hazel often explores characters and issues relating to lesbianism and bisexuality, and believes in promoting characters with a full range of lifestyle choices. She believes that sexual orientation and gender should be a topic for discussion and exploration, not shame and prejudice.


In this heart-felt Dark Fantasy novella, Marishka Danning finds herself a woman alone in a society that views her as other. By her magics and her mannerisms, Marishka has never walked comfortably among her folk. Painfully aware of everyone’s thoughts and feelings thanks to the gramarye running in her blood, Marishka’s loneliness drives her into the arms of one who belongs to another. When their affair is discovered, Marishka believes her life to be over, until a strange wolf comes to her in the darkness of the night. and steals away her pain, replacing it with strength, and spirit. The spirit of the wolf.

Publication Date: August 2015

Publisher: Astrid Press

Deathly Insanity Series

Hazel’s Deathly Insanity series features several LGBT characters. Book One, Chasing Azrael, features Lily Hunt, a Russian Historian who teaches at Draethen University with the protagonist, Andee Tilbrook. Lily is Andee’s best friend, and a lesbian. Although Andee is herself straight, Hazel wanted to capture the lack of absolutes when it comes to love and sexual orientation and as a result both the characters of Lily and Andee have points in the novel where it is mentioned they have slid a little further down the sexuality scale in one direction or the other.

Book Two in the series, Death Becomes Me, features Evelyn Dempsey as the main character. Evelyn is a very strong and sexually free individual, who has encounters and relationships with both men and women throughout the course of the novel. Evelyn’s sexual history is a core element to the plot, and while her attitude to love is in many ways liberating, in that she judges people by their merits and not their sex or gender, she is in many ways damaged and damaging. Love does not find her easily, and once she has it, she will do anything to keep it. Also in Death Becomes Me are the characters of Sookie and Jade, both of whom prefer women as a general rule.

Hazel plans to continue to include a spectrum of sexual orientations, not only in the rest of her Deathly Insanity series, but in her writing in general.

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